Mentors Signup

We just finished recruiting our participants for the event. We got more than 70 applications from 16 different universities and other institutions, undergrads to PhDs. We are now looking for mentors for the event: entrepreneurs, physicians and other practitioners, and people with expertise and experience in UI design and marketing. Its best if you participated in a similar event in the past.

Where do we need help?

  • Brainstorm ideas – encourage the creativity and innovation of the participants while giving them the right insights and asking them the right questions.
  • Develop a solution – help the teams suite their solution to the real-world needs (clinically, payment systems, organizational environment, technology, etc.)
  • Develop a business plan – the groups will need to get your tips for how to market their projects: who are the customers? who are the payers? who are the competitors? what are the regulations? etc.
  • Plan the next steps – hopefully the projects won’t end after the weekend, but rather the groups will continue to work on afterwards. You can help them in the transition from the classroom and into the “real world”, giving them the right contact points and outlining this process for them.
When do we need help?
  • Friday (5:30p – 7:30p) – help team brainstorm their ideas or even bring your own idea if you have one
  • Saturday (12:30p – 7:00p) – the teams will be developing their ideas and build prototypes. They will definitely need help at this point when they still have time to pivot their ideas.
  • Sunday (12:30p – 7:00p) – finalizing the projects and preparing for the pitches. Help them develop their ideas and also plan their next steps for after the event is over.

* Final pitches will start at 7:00pm on Sunday April 14th – we will have a great panel of highly experienced judges, it would be very nice if you can come and see the teams’ achievements.

To sign up for two-hours of mentorship in anyone of these times, please fill this doodle or just email us to [event_email_address].
We are looking forward to seeing you,
Eric & Yuval
(the schedule starts at 5:00 on Friday, not 4:30 as stated in the schedule)