Executive Summary

Medical Entrepreneurship Conference @ Technion

Executive Summary


In today’s healthcare system, healthcare delivery depends on technology and entrepreneurship just as much as it depends on basic science and clinical insights. Nonetheless, physicians are scarcely trained for such endeavors. Medical students are usually not exposed to other non-clinical disciplines in their universities, and are often trained in different campuses and with limited exposure to the more technological classes.

We wish to change this; to support multi-disciplinary collaborations and to encourage entrepreneurship in healthcare.


The medical entrepreneurship conference at the Technion is made by students and for students, and is supported by the T2MED initiative (Technion-Technology-Medicine). It is an event that spreads over the course of three days in which 45 students from different disciplines (medicine, computer science, bio-engineering, electronic engineering, etc.) will collaborate together to create healthcare startups. In broad strokes, the schedule of the event is as follows:

  • Wednesday night: Brainstorming session. Generating ideas, choosing the leading contenders, and dividing the audience into 6-7 teams, each working on a different unmet need.
  • Thursday – Friday: Execution. Working on the business plan & prototype. During this time the teams will also be doing market validation.
  • Friday at noon – closing ceremony where teams will present their elevator-pitch to leading representatives from the industry, academia, and hospitals. 1-2 projects will be chosen as the “best-in-class” by this expert panel and will be provided an infrastructure of support to allow “follow-through”.


  1. Foster collaboration across disciplines – between medical students, engineers, physicians, and biomedical industry experts.
  2. Conceptual change in the role of physicians as innovators.
  3. Attracting engineers and entrepreneurs toward Healthcare entrepreneurship.
  4. Initiating an ecosystem for medical innovation.
  5. Empowering participants through entrepreneurship – encourage to aim-high.

Follow Through

Not all teams will follow through, but our goal is to have 1-2 of the teams still running at 6 months post the event. We will help the teams push forward by: (1) scheduling appointments with the mentors for after the event; (2) creating a forum of experts that will gather on a monthly basis to support the leading teams; (3) giving some financial incentive to teams that will continue to push forward.

In addition to the aforementioned “in house” follow through steps, we have also initiated two strategic collaborations to support our teams in their first steps after the event: (1) BizTech – a place in BizTech’s e-School is secured for 2 winning teams. (2) Harvard Medical School – a 3-day intensive tour of healthcare entrepreneurship in Boston.

Our goal is to make this an annual event, and hopefully in 2-4 years some of the participants will gather enough experience to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Yuval Barak-Corren
5th year medicine
Yishai Zusman
1st year computer-science