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01/03 – 03/03, 2017

Wed: Bio-Medical Engineering Building, Neve Shaanan

Thu-Fri: Rappaport building, School of Medicine, Bat Galim


3 Day Startup Healthcare is a 72-hour learning-by-doing campus workshop that teaches entrepreneurial skills to university students in an extreme hands-on environment.


⊕ הזדמנות ייחודית להתנסות ביזמות רפואית. לא חובה לבוא עם רעיון. ⊕ חניכה אישית ממנטורים שהם המובילים בארץ ביזמות רפואית – רופאים, משקיעים ויזמים. ⊕ רכישת כישורים, קשרים, וגישה להתנעת חברה משלך. ⊕ עבודה בקבוצות קטנות עם סטודנטים ממגוון פקולטות ותחומים. ⊕ הזדמנות לפגוש אנשים מצויינים וליהנות!


Day 1: Participants arrive – with or without startup ideas – and a facilitator leads the group through dedicated brainstorming, preliminary pitches/feedback, and team selection modules. Some teams work late into the night and others prefer to rest up in preparation for day 2. Day 2: Customer discovery (teams exit the building or hit the phones and talk to doctors & patients), structured mentorship, intermediate pitches and feedback sessions. Day 2 places heavy emphasis on business model generation. Day 3: Continued execution (including pitch workshops) leading into final pitches/demos to an esteemed panel of mentors and investors including hospital CEOs, top VCs, and entrepreneurs who did it. 


Deadline: 10-Mar-2016

During the upcoming week (10/03 – 17/03) we will conduct phone interviews, after which final admission decisions will be made. Thanks to all of you that applied.

We are sorry if you missed the deadline, but please try again next year. 

The Aftermath of T2MED 3DS 2015

T2MED 3 Day Startup 2015 was probably the best 3DS we had thus far and we thank all of you who took part in making it such an awesome experience – the participants, the mentors, and the panelists. We wish our teams the best of luck in becoming a real company and launching their product. Our winning team – Peekaboo – continued onto BizTech to win first place and 10,000 US Dollars. They just came back from an intensive week in Boston where they got to present their product to the Chief Innovation Officers of Brigham & Women’s Hostpial (BWH) and Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), to the Chief of the ED at the BCH, to world leading researchers relevant to their invention, to Boston VC companies, IP lawyers in the US, and many others… They are now back in Israel, fully motivated and ready to charge on. Will you be a part of this year’s winning team?  2016 event is quickly approaching and the applications are already open. We expect this event to be even a greater success! Stay tuned @T2MED3DS for further updates!     BizTech-20-10-15-005 Peekaboo – 2015 winning team who invented a patient-friendly, non-invasive device, capable of collecting a sterile urine sample. Continued to BizTec competition and won first place there as well along with 10,000 USD.

IMG_3886Peekaboo team members at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. After a week of intensive meetings that were precisely fit to their product. Jan-2016.


What does 3DS look like? You and 44 other students will start a healthcare company over the course of three days. We rent work space for a 3 days, invite 40 students with a wide range of backgrounds, cater food, drinks, snacks, and coffee, pick the best idea for a Healthcare startup during the Wednesday brainstorming session, and release a minimal prototype by the end of day 3. The goal is to build enough momentum among a network of motivated people to sustain the company beyond 3DS.

If I participate, what do I get out of 3DS? The worst case scenario is that you will work with brilliant people from numerous disciplines toward the common goal of building real companies and products and you will learn a ton about Healthcare entrepreneurship. Great connections happen at 3 Day Startup: cofounders meet, complementary skill sets collide, and friends are made. The best case scenario is that you will be a cofounder of a wildly successful new tech startup.

I’m a student majoring in X. Should I even consider applying? The short answer is: yes. Our past participants have spanned everything from a freshman in psychology to a freshly minted PhD in Neuroscience. If you’re at all passionate about Healthcare, startups, and technology, it is likely that you will be a valuable participant.

Can I apply even though I am not a student? The event is open only for students and interns/residents/physicians. Students and physicians from outside the Technion are encouraged to apply.

What about food? Sleep? We cater all meals, drinks, and in-between snacks. Sleep is optional. Participants can bring a sleeping bag, or they can go home to rest.

What is your rate of success? First of all, check out some of the companies that have been started by graduates of 3 Day Startup here, also check out an article written on one of the teams from last year’s event here and hereOur main metric for success is how many of our alumni found companies that take investment, generate revenue or enter incubators.  It is common to hear the word “startup” get thrown around.   When we say startup, we mean the real thing: companies that are making money or taking investment. Per program, 3 Day Startup result in more successful startups than any other entrepreneurship event. We have run 130+ programs in the US and internationally, and those have given rise to 79 companies that have cumulatively received over $79 million in funding. 29 companies from 3DS have been accepted to accelerators such as Y Combinator, Tech Stars, 500 Startups, Capital Factory, Austin Technology Incubator and Dreamit Ventures. On average, each 3 Day Startup program has generated more than one successful startup.  This includes programs in mature and nascent university entrepreneurship ecosystems. More FAQs here

Are there any prizes? There are prizes for the most promising teams as decided by our panelists. First two places will get into the advanced stages of BizTEC competition. Also, as part of a collaboration between the Technion Faculty of Medicine and the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, one winning team will fly to Boston to meet with leading experts from Harvard Medical School, VPs of the largest hospitals in the US, potential customers, VCs, and others*. It is important to keep in mind that the real prize is all the tools and networking that you will get at the conference; in 2014, the team that showed the most significant progress and later also won $10K at TEDMED Jerusalem did not receive any prizes at the conference itself.

* The Boston trip is still pending final budget authorization. Stay tuned for further details toward the event itself.



Our Mentors & Panelists

Our list of mentors includes: Dr. Dalia Megiddo (CEO at Bioblast-Pharma), Prof. Rafael Beyar (Rambam CEO), Dr. Chen Shapirah (Carmel Hospital CEO), Prof. Eliezer Shaleve (Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Technion), Uzia Galil (Founder and past Chairman-CEO of Elron Electronic Industries Ltd), Dr. Eli Opper (past Chief Scientist at Ministry of Industry), Dr. Uri Rosenschein (Physician-Inventor, Chief Cardiology Bnei-Tzion Hospital), Prof. Amir Landesberg (Dean, Bio-Medical Engineering, Technion), Oded Kraft (VP Products development at Kornit Digital), Dr. Kfir Oved (Co-founder & CTO at MeMed Dx Ltd), Dr. David Israeli (Partner at Pitango Venture Capital), Dr. Irit Yaniv (Venture Partner, Accelmed), Edit Goldberg (VP New Ventures at Trendlines Medical), Lena Levin (Founder VIA Surgical), Dr. Gil Bolotin (Chief, Cardiac Surgery, Rambam), Prof. Gil Ziv (Chief, ENT, Rambam), Prof. Doron Norman (Chief Orthopedics, Rambam), Prof. Eytan Blumenthal (Chief, Ophthalmology, Rambam), and many other great mentors – physicians, VCs, entrepreneurs, IP lawyers, marketing experts, designers, and others… All volunteer their time just for you!


For questions about the 3DS Technion Healthcare program or sponsorship inquiries, please email our lead organizers:

Bar Rinott, Tom Mayblum, and Yuval Barak-Corren 

at → t2med@3daystartup.org


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